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 Easy weather chart distinction by 10 inch wide printer output
 Simple setting & operation by 5.6 inch full screen color LCD display
 4 receiving mode (automatic, manual, forced, timer programming)
 Automatic search for optimal receiving channel
 Select a station depending on GPS signal.
 Clear screen by anti-noise device.
 Receive standard weather information from WMO (World Meteorological Organization)
 Select Black, Yellow and Black, Green and Black in screen.
 Auto tune to optimize receiving quality.
 Connect to the best station by setting automatic receive channel.

 Recording system : Solid state thermal head
 Recording paper : thermo sensitive recording paper
 Effective recording width : 256mm (10")
 IOC (Index of cooperation) : 576 or 288
 Scanning speed : 60, 90, 120, 240 RPM
 Scanner resolution : 8 dots/mm
 Scanning line density : approx, 7 lines/mm, 3.5 lines/mm
 Phase matching : automatic and manual
 Halftone recording : 16 steps by dither pattern
 Negatice/positive recording : manual
 External receiver connect : 0dBm@ 600Ω
 Operation mode : automatic, manual, forced, timer program
 Timer program channel : 30 channels
 Setup data list recording : receiving frequency, tiner program channel
 Setup data storing : Flash memory
 Self test function : recording and print test
 Automatic time correction : input via GPS data
 Image data output : display received images on LCD (5.6"), save to SD card

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