Ürünlerimiz / TV Anteni / SAM-TV

Attitude Heading Reference system(AHRS) using an IMU sensor(3 axis gyro scope, 2 axis acceleration)
High performance stabilization in rough weathers
Honest 3 axis system - Stabilized azimuth and elevation with a skew unit
Stabilized skew system guarantees perfect searching and tracking
Automatic skew control
Antenna control unit displays heading value without gyro connection using AHRS derived from inverse kinematic technology
Provides over 80 satellites parameters
Ready for gyro compass connection for faster and more stable satellite tracking 6 sec of unwrap time
DiSEqC 1.2 function available (automatic satellite switching using receiver upto 4 satellites)
Sleep mode activated by a long stay in a location and a signal loss(auto recovery)
DSP(Digital Signal Processor) control technology
High gain reflector
Built in GPS

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